Foundation Day

Let us build the shining city

here, where the immortal river

floods her banks, the land made fertile

for the crops and livestock. Here where

Sun and Moon may dance together

in whichever forms They fancy,

King and Queen, Brother and Sister,

both as men or both as women,

all as all or each as neither.

Gleaming souls of every color

let us gather, celebrating

each with its own decoration,

welcoming in equal measure

to our never-ending banquet.

Feast and flowers! Light and music!

Love in every incarnation!

Hail the Host, our noble monarch,

Hail Antinous the Gracious!

Generous, sweet-tempered founder

made immortal by the river’s

holy waters, walk among us:

let us live within your sweetness,

safe within your sacred dwelling,

Antinopolis Eternal!

Give us strength to build the vision,

bring us solace in each other,

that in freedom or oppression

we in truth remain your people,

children of the Liberator,

one foot always on the marble

stair before your holy Temple.



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