Take This Eclipse and Shove It…

I’ve been hearing people worrying about this month’s double eclipses: tonight’s lunar eclipse, and then the solar eclipse happening on Midsummer. How astrologically, this signals even more awfulness on the way, omens of war, etc, etc.

I say we’re failing to see a golden opportunity.

I mean, okay, if you work astrologically-charged magick, that can mean turning all those bad vibes on the people in power, but that’s not where I’m going here.

You know all those stories that claim that back when we were all poor, dumb savages before Christianity saved us, we used to scream and bang our wee drums and carry on to scare away The Monster Eating the Light? (Even though most of our poor, dumb savage peoples are known to have been quite savvy astronomers who surely figured out that there was a pattern going on at some point?)

Turn that idea sideways for a second and look at it. It’s an invitation to do sympathetic magic on a global scale.

We know how the “fight” in the sky turns out. The shadow passes and light wins.

As goes this great shadow, so do we banish the shadow of racism. So do we banish the shadow of budding dictatorship. So do we banish the shadow of pandemic.

Get out there, tonight and at Midsummer, and bang those drums hard.


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