Tarot Blind Date: Page of Swords/Queen of Staves

blind date page swords and queen rods

But first, because I’ve been pinged for this being a fun idea, I want to give proper credit: it’s my take on an exercise from Little Red Tarot.

Now…oh boy. Now.

Kite is a college sophomore. They’ve taken several classes in literature and science and logic, but to be honest, they still haven’t fully committed to a major. They’re still riding on that beautiful high of being bright and young and away from home for the first time; every idea is worth picking up, poking at, and debating with other bright younglings. If there’s a controversy attached to them, so much the better! That’s where the real fun begins.

Brigid is a woman of the world. Literally – her work has taken her many places, and she has engaged passionately with many of them. Her life, her ideas, her beliefs and ethics, are all alive to her; she smashes them in her travel journal, wears them in a few strategic places on her skin, surrounds herself with the thoughts and people she holds dear. She knows what she wants; she knows how she thinks; she knows herself intimately.

They meet in line at Starbucks. Kite notices a pin on the strap of Brigid’s well-worn leather bag, detects a line of reasoning they might enjoy prying at for mutual edification, and starts playing the devil’s advocate to Brigid right as she’s asking for soy in her latte.

Oh. Oh, it is such a mistake.

It is not a blind date. It is a slaughterhouse.


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