Tarot Blind Date: Knight of Cups/Queen of Pentacles

(Mucha Tarot)

blind date knight cups and queen pentacles

Amber has made a comfortable living for herself, and it shows. She wears brands that are both well-made and well-known. She knows her best colors and shapes and wears them; she’s always in season, and her makeup game is on point. Having made a priority of her career early in life, she is now ready to have some well-earned fun of a sort that would cause some people to compare her to a certain species of great cat.

Dylan leads with his heart, always and in all ways. Right now he’s working as a poolboy, but he’s gotten callbacks on a couple of auditions and is confident he’s on the verge of breaking in for real. He’s certainly as pretty a young thing as any camera could ask for, and affable, always a plus in a social career. He loves to make playlists for romantic partners, and he lingers as long as he’s permitted as a rule.

All of which is to say that this is an affair that will last for months. His doting is fun and flattering for her, and she takes him along on adventures he won’t be able to afford on his own for years yet. They take a cooking class together that triggers a mutual affection for French food and wine tastings. The only obstacle in their way is just how long it will take for Dylan to start pulling more of his own weight financially, because while Amber doesn’t strictly need to split the bill she willingly admits that in the long run, she’ll have trouble respecting someone who never steps up to take a turn paying. Then again, he’s looking sharper at his auditions in the clothes Amber buys him, so maybe it won’t be too long….


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