Tarot of the Interim: The Hierophant

mucha blurry hierophant

This guy. This guy showed up twice in a reading for me – which was possible because of the way that particular spread works – and then as my pull the next day. He hunted me down.

I think I can safely say that a lot of us nowadays aren’t big fans of the Hierophant. On the surface, he stands for a lot of things your average Tarot reader has rejected: orthodoxy, patriarchy, dogma, subservience, blind faith. Who wants any of that? Certainly not contrarian me.

But I think we forget something when we let that be our whole reaction: we forget about those other jobs that, during the Middle Ages, all fell under the heading of “priesthood” rather than being the various jobs they are today.

I mention this because not long before this card started hunting me I made a trip to my psychiatrist for upkeep on my depression meds. But since my regular doctor was away, I met with a male nurse-practitioner who seemed concerned about whether I was really taking the amount I was supposed to. Was I sleeping well? Was I getting things done? Was I enjoying time with friends? I didn’t open up to him at the time, because he wasn’t familiar and I just wanted to be done, but I had to admit afterward that all the answers were no. Which means that whatever my rational brain was saying about what my “normal” dose is for this time of year, the rest of my brain was not getting all the way to even my version of “normal” on that alone.

Which is to say…I think that sometimes the Hierophant is sometimes professional help with whatever is wrong. Sometimes it’s not enough to trust in your own power and knowledge, and it’s not only okay but really necessary to lean on someone whose power and/or knowledge in that area exceeds yours.

I’m taking it a little easy on myself while I sort out what I need, so during that time I may not post a card of the day every day. (Today? Ten of Swords. I’m playing dead.) But I’m still playing with the cards, and I’m grateful they helped give me this push.


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