Siouxsie Tarot: Pentacles

Ace: Ornaments of Gold

i’d love to cover you and smother you in ornaments of gold

Two: Overground

live the life of pleasantries and linger in the modern families (and also marvel at the “balancing act” of time signatures: 4/4 for vocals and 5/4 for instruments!)

Three: Tattoo

slap your thigh, slap your calf, sing your mantra, leave your mark

Four: Turn to Stone

heaven sent some dark marvel, fools’ gold as cold as marble

Five: All Tomorrow’s Parties

a handmedown gown of rags and silks, a costume fit for one who sits and cries

Six: Say

you only had to say it’s sad, i would understand

Seven: Pointing Bone

the tears of the moon, the sweat of the sun

Eight: She Cracked

she cracked…i’m sad, but i won’t

Nine: Thank You

thank you for the last few days

Ten: Dazzle

before your eyes is the glittering prize


…And that, good people, is the entire Siouxsie Tarot. I’m sure there are other artists with large enough catalogs and wide enough variety of themes to do “decks” for them. Do any come to mind from among your favorites?


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