Tarot of the Day: Ten of Swords

mucha blurry ten swords

“So how is your day going, Estara?” Well, I’m still very cramped up, I completed an experiment in using Ben-Gay on my underbelly for cramps (word to the wise: DO NOT), and I dumped my honey-spread toast honey-side down onto the carpet. Pretty great! I also remarked of an internet argument that had clearly long since jumped the shark, “It took Jesus less time than this to figure out how to come back from the dead.”

The Ten of Swords. Sharks are jumped. All the shoes have dropped. Misfortunes bear their bitter fruit. It may be time to lie down and play dead for a while. It may be time to let go of something you have been holding on to for too long already. (I’ll mention here that I also got this card last night, in response to a reading about setting my ritual protocols. Right now, apparently, it’s less about what I should do and more about what I should stop doing.)

My first teacher said of this card, “At least it’s done. It’s not going to get worse.” More recently, a friend said “There’s nothing to lose!” It looks grim and awful, but there’s still a certain relief to getting this card, a permission to let go of the anxiety of waiting for the worst to happen. You’re already there, so why keep worrying?



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