Siouxsie Tarot: Staves (With Bonus Alternate Tracks!)

Ace: Burn Up

the benign cremator, branding iron in his hand

Two: Get Up

you’ve got to reach out, grab your destiny

Three: The Passenger

everything looks good tonight

Four: Take Me Back

think of bright lights, a splendid feast: where you arrive can be home

Five: But Not Them

she hates the man and he hates the man because something strong inside has been denied them

Six: New Skin

fuck you, i win this prize

Seven: Gun

when you’ve begun to think like a gun the rest of the year has already gone

Eight: Sky Train*

sky train rides again

Nine: They Follow You

wounds heal in time, scars leave their signs

Ten: Staring Back

my face in the window has become the face of a woman i never knew


*My pick for this used to be “Morrina,” which is a calmer “moving on” song, but I’ve decided “Sky Train” really gets that helter-skelter feeling…ha! so you also have the option of “Helter Skelter“…of everything moving of a sudden.

Also, why is “Sky Train” not the theme song of Team Sky yet? Come on!


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