Tarot of the Day, 7/11/17: Seven of Swords

mucha blurry seven swords

Hoo boy, look at this guy, with his porn ‘stache. Sneaking away from camp with everybody’s swords so they’ll be defenseless when the enemy hits. No birds here – this isn’t a Swords card about far-sighted ideas, it’s out and out strife at this point. I bet all those red leaves are poison oak or something like that. Something itchy.

So yes, I’ve been groomed to see this card as an “enemy” card, someone in the picture who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. A warning to be on the lookout for someone who’s working against you, maybe out in the open but quite possibly in secret, when they think you’re not looking.

Then again, we are living in fairly dreadful times, and that has me asking myself: what if I’m Porn-stache? Because this could just as easily be the card of monkey wrenching the system, couldn’t it? If I’m Porn-stache, then I’m still facing an enemy, but it’s a big one, one I don’t feel I can meet head on and overcome. How do I defend my position in that case? How do I disarm the powers arrayed against me?

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