Tarot of the Day, 7/10/17: Two of Swords

mucha blurry two swords

Here she is, with her blindfold and a sword in each hand, sitting with her arms crossed defensively in front of her, ready to take blind swings at whatever. She could put one sword down for just a second and take the blindfold off, but no. Hands gotta be full of swords! So we sit there with our eyes covered, not looking straight at the situation when we perfectly well could if we weren’t so busy defending ourselves (poorly).

As with the Four of Cups, there is no fire to speak of here, no drive to realize whatever fancies we’re developing. But unlike that card, where we were vacillating between feelings and dreams, here we’re stuck at a conceptual level. Torn between ideas and cast adrift on the nighttime sea in the background. I hope she figures it out and gets up on her feet before that storm in the distance hits.


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