Siouxsie Tarot: Majors 11-21

11: Strength: Venus in Furs

strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

(Velvet Underground cover)

12: The Hanged Man: Cocoon

lying in blankets i’ve been here a while…waiting to lose the bandages

13: Death: Poppy Day

we are the dead

14: Temperance: Lullaby

hush a while, sleepless child. i’ll be watching over you.

15: Devil: Candyman

he always lies, this candyman

16: The Tower: Blow the House Down

bishops falling from the windows, the lightning makes your hair stand on end

(Yes, it IS a bit on the nose! This was the song that first made magical playlists occur to me as a thing.)

17: The Star: Stargazer

bright jewel-encrusted scar

18: The Moon: Hall of Mirrors

even the greatest stars change themselves in the looking glass

19: The Sun: Shooting Sun

like the shooting sun mirrors your golden dreams

20: Judgment: Rhapsody

nothing can erase this night, but there’s still light with you

21: The World: Song from the Edge of the World

over we go, diving for pearls


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