Siouxsie Tarot: Courts of Swords and Staves

Page of Swords: Christine

now she’s in purple, now she’s a turtle, disintegrating

Knight of Swords: Playground Twist

swinging in the gallows, laughing with your buddies but you can drown when you’re shallow

Queen of Swords: Into a Swan

i burst out, i transform

King of Swords: Godzilla

he’ll knock you down, godzilla, he eats big towns

Page of Staves: Peekaboo

pout and pucker into the face of the beguiled

Knight of Staves: Standing There

does what you won’t understand scare and make you mad

Queen of Staves: She’s a Carnival

mosaic eye glowing as it dazzles

King of Staves: Fireworks

he sighs his song and pirouettes through a dance of dynamite


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