Tarot of the Day, 7/9/17: Queen of Staves

mucha blurry queen rods

My first fire card, and it’s the Queen! Dare I hope that my drive has suddenly kicked in this well? Or should I be expecting to speak with a mentor?

I’m interested to note the number of flowers on this card. I’ve been calling flowers (except for sunflowers) as representing earth, but then again, flowers are one of the main punches of color in this deck, and symbols of fire are relatively few otherwise…it’s not like you can have that volcano smoking in the back of every card fire is touching! And what are flowers but the passion of plants? So there we are. The next most prominent element is earth, and the volcano and flowers together are a reminder that volcanic soil is fertile, a place where (with enough water) life can grow quickly and extravagantly.

This Queen looks surprisingly languid, but perhaps the better word for her is smoldering. Under the relaxed exterior she is looking very intently at something, and her response to it is difficult (for me) to read. Is this the stage where all the luscious flowers grow, or the stage before it where everything blows up?


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