The Siouxsie Tarot Part 1: Majors 0-10

Hey! If this blog is going Tarot-heavy, it’s a good place to repost something I did on a friends-only blog a few years ago. I was browsing Mystik Nomad‘s Tarot posts and discovered a playlist for the Major Arcana. This is something I also did way back in the day. Now, my original list was by a mix of artists, but it included several songs by Siouxsie and the Banshees; and elsewhere in playlists, I am even known to have something of a Rule of Siouxsie, in that I will include one of her songs in about every playlist I do.

So I decided to go all-out and do an entire Tarot playlist of nothing but Siouxsie and the Banshees, Siouxsie solo, and The Creatures (Siouxsie and her then-husband-and-drummer Budgie) songs.

Now, this being one of the bands that invented Goth, keep in mind that more often than not you’re going to be hearing from the darker or reversed side of the cards – though not always! I don’t like to over-explain, and in fact sometimes it’s more about the mood than anything else, so what you’ll get here will be a video and an especially pithy line for each song. Here we go! Exciting!

…Oh! I have to pay extra to embed videos here! Well! Okay. I’m saving the whole playlist to my Youtube channel as I go. Just follow the links and they’ll open in a new tab. Slightly less convenient but still workable!

0: The Fool: Sleepwalking on the High Wire

sleepwalking into the open palm of the empty sky

1: The Magician: Green Fingers

magic in her hands – she could make anything grow

2: High Priestess: Belladonna

the lanterns of skin summon us in, oh belladonna

3: The Empress: Mother/O Mein Papa

the love you won’t forget/the thing you grow to hate

(listen carefully here: the “bright” and “dark” mother are speaking at the same time)

4: The Emperor: Regal Zone

they look away and they say, for the good of the land

5: The Hierophant: Icon

thine eyes rain down from heaven, you always said i’d be blind without them

6: The Lovers: The Last Beat of My Heart

reach out your hand, i’m just a step away

7: The Chariot: Speeding

driverless, now i’m in control

8: Justice: The Whole Price of Blood

thy censure shall be the whole price of blood

(Yeah, so, the reason this one is a little on the nose is that back in the day, I couldn’t find any other video for this song and had to make one myself. Also, yes, I was originally trained to 8: Justice and 11: Strength, so that’s the order here. Flip ’em if you want.)

9: The Hermit: Drifter

everywhere is home yet you never take hold

10: The Wheel of Fortune: Circle

round and around, round and around



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