Tarot of the Day, 7/8/17: Four of Cups

mucha blurry four cups

I know I’ve bonded properly with a deck when it’s able to give me sass. On my first try for today’s card pull, two cards jumped out of the deck: the Hierophant and the Page of Swords. No, no, I said, it’s a ONE card pull, try again. (I admit freely that I was feeling a bit lazy about having to read two, not to mention having to sketch two into my journal.) On the second try I got the Four of Cups.

And what does that tell us? Here she is, with three perfectly good cups in front of her and the offer of a fourth, but she can’t get moving. Air, the idea element, is ponying up its share, but there’s no fire (drive) in sight. So she just sits there, indecisive, stuck, as the land (earth, and practical results) goes barren around her.

I’ve hit Level Sass with the Mucha Tarot. We’re family now. ❤


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