Tarot of the Day, July 7, 2017: Queen of Swords Redux

mucha blurry queen swords

I know, right? All these re-pulls, anyone would think I tend to be hard-headed about learning my lesson.

Looking with a focus on the elements, there’s of course plenty of air (sky, birds, ribbons, the sword), decent earth (trees, ivy, green tones), and hints of fire (reds and pinks). Water not so much. Likewise the Queen of Swords, in her quest for clarity and reason (air) is willing to consider pragmatism (earth) and the odd burst of inspiration (fire), but what she does not want is to make her decisions based on emotion or sentiment (water).

And this is appropriate af for me, because the project I’m touching the edges of right now is purging everything I don’t need out of the house to make more room for books and shrines, the cornerstones of any witchy household. I need to actually make a consistent effort (Eight of Pentacles), and I have to overcome my tendency to keep “what if” things and items that have more sentiment and guilt attached than use or pleasure (Queen of Swords).

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