Tarot of the Day, 7/6/17: The Star

The reason I didn’t post yesterday, by the way, was that I pulled the Eight of Pentacles for a third time. At that point I decided to take it as a rebuke, and throw myself into a couple of other projects I’ve been owing my attention. That seems to have done the trick, so on we go!

mucha blurry star

At this point in my Tarot class, we’re looking at how the elements present in the cards. Here in The Star, there is a relatively nice balance: lots of clear sky and a bird for air; the stars themselves and a bit of accent red for fire; a shoreline for water and earth. While the name of the card is “The Star,” in this case there are a total of seven stars, like the Pleiades. As for that tree in the back, by the water, with an oversized eagle settling into its highest boughs – is it a long-distance shot of the World Tree?

I think of this card as representing that first vision of a new and improved whole, after the chaos from tearing things up in The Tower has calmed down. There’s an odd tranquility in the final stage of wreckage, a clear air like you get right after a storm, and that turns into this peace on The Star.

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