Tarot of the Day, 7/3/17: Eight of Pentacles

mucha blurry eight pentacles

Here’s the Eight of Pentacles sitting in my bullet journal, next to my wonky little sketch of it for my notes. Interestingly, this also turned up in my “Reader’s Reading” from Week 1 of my Little Red Tarot class as the outcome card. Hey, I’m already done! No. The main message of this card tends to be one of effort and apprenticeship, and given that I didn’t do any actual “study” as such today, it would be easy to decide I was being told off.

My favorite part of July is the Tour de France, which if you don’t know (I’m so, so sorry) is an epic three-week bicycle race through France, often with short jaunts in neighboring countries. It is the pinnacle of tournament racing, and it has been a cherished ritual for me for years. They ride over a hundred miles a day for three weeks, often over mountains; there are many prizes to fight for, from one day, or stage, won to the overall fastest throughout the three weeks, and prizes for both sprinters and mountain riders – both of which have to find a way to survive the stages that favor the other type. The endurance and sheer will required on top of skill is awe-inspiring. As I watched today’s stage, which was incidentally won by one of my great favorites, Peter Sagan, I was thinking about how I might make the Eight of Pentacles out of four cyclists. Effort. Persistence. Drive.

They make it all look so graceful.

They also remind me that effort isn’t just about one big push now and again. Energy follows intent. Where do I put my thoughts and my energy? That is where I can expect to see improvement. Is my attention going in a direction I want to follow?

Today I thought about grace, and will, and Tarot. So today, yes.

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