Tarot of the Day, 7/1/17: Queen of Swords

The Tour de France started today! Are you watching it? …No? I’m the only Witch in the world who’s into cycling? *sigh* Okay.

mucha blurry queen swords

Everything about this card is ready to move. Birds are flying in the background; the queen’s light dress, her hair, her ribbons and ivy, and the leaves of the trees behind her are all fluttering. She herself looks right through you to the thing coming next, the thing behind you, and her sword is already positioned for a swing as she jumps to her feet. Does she look relaxed? Yes, but that’s not a lack of focus. She’s already seen it coming, planned for it, and now all she has to do is recognize the moment when it arrives. Until then, she’s not going to get emotionally worked up about it; that’s for water and fire, no business of hers. Her way, she thinks, is much more straight-forward.

Think. Watch. Pounce.

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