Tarot of the Day, 6/28/17

Yesterday, which belonged to Justice, saw me having several conniptions over being tone-policed. So I need to include that level of interaction – micromanaging and judging others on one hand, and taking umbrage on the other – in my understanding of the card.

Today, meanwhile, we get The Devil.

mucha blurry devil

Having squandered a good part of my morning lying around half-conscious with the night’s last succubi, then gotten up to skip starting a regular exercise routine (again) and pick up a hamburger for lunch in violation of my “one lunch out a week” rule, all before I even drew the card, I feel I’ve got a good bead on the “giving in to temptation” aspect. But we mustn’t give up on ourselves just yet: our she-devil’s peacock headdress reminds me not only of the pride that goeth before a fall but also Hera the Queen of Heaven, and Faery’s peacock angel who descends into Hell on a mission of mercy. She sees you all the way down, warts and all, and she’s still willing to pick you up in her hand and have a candid talk about how you ended up in her fire-jail.

Ultimately, a devil is just an angel who’s playing the role of “bad cop,” isn’t it?

I acknowledge both my need for self-care and my need to adult my life enough to keep it going. I acknowledge that my faults are always going to be with me in some form; I can embrace them, transform them, enslave myself to them, ignore them, but they’re always going to appear in my imperfect little human life one way or another.

That was a tasty hamburger. Now I need to do some chores.


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