Tarot of the Day, 6/27/17

Today I’m starting the online course in intuitive reading at the excellent Tarot blog and shop Little Red Tarot. This includes, as such classes often do, a practice of drawing one card each day and sitting with it.

I’ll be using the Tarot Mucha, a beautiful deck inspired by the artwork of Alfonse Mucha, because Czechs. Here, with apologies for the blurry cell phone pic, is today’s card, Justice:

mucha blurry justice

My first thought at getting Justice was “ugh,” because I’m in the US and we’re having that whole Trump thing (plus, right just now, the Bill Cosby mistrial thing and the no jail for cops who murder black people thing, etc, etc) so culturally speaking, our Justice card is chronically reversed. This Justice looks cool, a bit haughty. The curtain behind her is wine-stained with back-door dealings, or blood-stained.

But what grabs my attention today is that little guy in the back. The lion-dog-beast with a door knocker in his mouth in spite of not being attached to a door. What’s your story, fella?

I am a Hound of the Hunt. My Lady keeps this ring in my mouth to remind me not to bite at the innocent. I am only allowed to attack when she sends me out hunting.

Also when there’s no hunting we use it to play fetch.


4 thoughts on “Tarot of the Day, 6/27/17”

    1. Well, I’m not a beginner myself. ;P But I’ve been away from reading for several years because of the “runes and scrying only” rule, which appears to have been dropped with my coming back online, so I wanted to refresh and deepen. And it’s inexpensive and from a blog I like, so it’s totally worth seeing if there’s any tasty tips in there!


  1. I haven’t done any personal tarot-a-day work for ages because I imagine they’re boring and because I imagine myself easily distracted. Still, with all these new decks in my life I’m wanting to dig into them a little bit and well, this is a great way to do it. Maybe on Instagram? Bahhhhh. Everything is hard.


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