2016 Pantheacon

First of all, YES, HI, I have given up all pretense of not being back in the Witchcraft business. February has been eventful in that regard, and I might come back and talk more about it on a day when I’m not dealing with Con crud.

Which means I went to PantheaCon for the first time in years, which means I had to make a blog so I could speak about it more intelligently than Facebook is really good for. I spent most of my time in the Pagans of Color hospitality suite, spending time with wonderful people like Elena Rose, Silence Maestas, and of course Xochiquetzal Odinsdottir, who I had the pleasure of elevating to High Muckitymuck. I made several visits to Coru Cathubodua’s shrine to the Morrigan, which was a potent seat of her presence I will continue to unpack later.  I spent a good deal of time resting, because I really do still have less running-around energy than I used to, and some time shopping. Oh, PantheaCon, all the shopping.

Shopping haul includes a number of books, of course – I’m the most excited about Morpheus Ravenna’s Book of the Great Queen. I got a staff, which actually becomes one of the odd “you’re back on the Job” stories, because initially I got it for raw need when my back was giving out, and chose it largely for being the right size and shape for leaning, including a top handle. But it also had a secondary top branch suitable for hanging danglies from, and given that in my only-mostly-dead tradition we mark certain things by danglies, I was inspired to pick up a set to live on the staff (so that it would look like a clever and deliberate thing I’d done for the elevation ritual). For the remainder of the weekend, I had a really alarming number of compliments on the staff, how well it suited, and how powerful it clearly was. So, it is My Staff, I suppose. I will have to take its picture. The picture I have for you now is of a profoundly weird-yet-right statue that’s kind of Morgan as an Amy Brown style fairy princess, and a black horseskin drum, which I got because from the moment I knew such a thing existed I was hearing “BLACK HORSE DRUM! BLACK HORSE DRUM!!” until I relented.

2.13.16 PCon altar

I’m running out of time to describe things tonight, but I did want to post two oracles I received on Sunday night, one from Arianrhod through Clan Annar, and the other from Dionysus through Lon Sarver and Thiasos Bakkheios. From Arianrhod, before any question was asked: “Love and Justice are yours.” Given that I’ve suddenly found myself doing social justice magick again, interesting.

From Dionysus, into whose ritual I stumbled. By then it was clear that Mom’s “flag” was flying again, that I was back on the job, and that I was intended to juggle this with other things that have come in since (including Jesus and Mary) without a clear map to how that’s going to look yet. So my question was essentially “Well…now what?” The lot I drew says this:

The relationship between you and the Divine matters more than any given practice or philosophy about that Divine.

And I said, “Good one. You got me there.” And he said *GLOMP* and his flag was clearly back to waving too. In the past he’s been long present but seldom prominent, so it’s interesting that he’s next after Mom to make a point of reconnecting.

And there we are! Yay!


4 thoughts on “2016 Pantheacon”

    1. I do love when They aren’t utterly and entirely obtuse.

      Yes, I’m quite clever, but frankly I’d rather just get good, clear, concise messages rather than riddles. Not that I anticipate THAT happening often.


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